Members of the Thoughtsmith team are creative professionals with high standing in their fields. We pride ourselves on shared values:

  • We only take on work where individually or jointly we feel we can really make a difference and that our contributions will be valuable for our clients.
  • We frequently turn down work rather than over-commit, or risk under-delivering.
  • Many of us have a portfolio of consulting and employment contracts. We are scrupulous in dealing with potential and perceived conflicts of interest.
  • We are absolutely committed to our Operating Principles, which we have adapted from the Nolan Principles of Public Life.
  • We work with the utmost integrity and to the highest legal, moral and ethical standards. We expect our clients to do the same. We work with organisations that in our opinion make the world a better place. This excludes some industries and regimes.
  • We work individually or with colleagues with absolute discretion.
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